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Dress Martha

Favourite colours of summer- Lilac like lavender and pink like roses

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These colours on this dress are almost hypnotic. Suitable for garden parties, kindergarten or just for visiting your best friends.

  • Elegant spring contrast colours, up-to-date trendy
  • Comfortable as wearing a T-shirt, still looks elegant and chic
  • Girly elements on cuffs and must-have ruffles
  • Care information silk-printed inside the garment
  • Fabric: 92% cotton 8% elastane
  • Öko-Tex®100
  • Designed and made in Estonia

Care information: Turn upside down, to prolong the colours of the fabric. Machine washable at 40 degrees, or at 30 degrees to be kinder to the planet. You can use a tumble dryer but on a moderate mode.
We recommend using colour-catcher sheets to collect the excess laundry liquid and dirt.